Ta (Anita) Mueller-Harley is a Swiss-born artist and creative consultant who is drawn to art and math equally: Both house chaos and structure, contingent on one's view point. 


Ta received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and has exhibited on the East and West Coast, in group and solo exhibition. Fascinated by numbers, space, contrasts and speed, Ta has observed and absorbed different cultures with their idiosyncratic patterns of language, social coding, sound system and visual preference. She layers, mixes, blurs and emphasizes details from those collected impressions.

Ta also likes to connect with younger creative minds: She is teaching art and graphic design at schools in the San Francisco area, K-12.

With over 20 years of experience in branding and creative development, Ta has collected broad knowledge in the industries of art/design, food/beverage, travel, banking and education. She has worked on award winning campaigns for Bally of Switzerland, Swarovski, UBS, Ricola, Syngenta, Club Med, Nestlé and many more.

Working both in Europe and the US has given her a unique cross-cultural insight into the many facets of people, projects and motivations. Today, Ta collaborates with an international group of exceptional minds.