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Ta has developed and taught many sold out art + graphic design classes/workshops to K-12 students. She is especially fond of integrating visual art with science, math, language learning and social studies.

ABSTRACT ART Fall 2019. Piedmont CA

Spring 2019, Piedmont

World Cultures class, Piedmont High School, Winter 2018

Foreign languages through creativity
(German, French, Italian, English)

Ongoing tutoring series for kids and adults.

Watercolor mountains by Emily, 8 years old

Watercolor mountains by Emily, 8 years old

"...Ta's tailor-made lesson on graphic design was exactly what was needed to explain the principles of design for the infographic project that was done in the 9th grade World Cultures class. Her emphasis on the importance of the process of creating quality work was extremely helpful. Ta far exceeded my expectations for the artist-in-residence team-teaching situation as well as providing expertise in an area that I am lacking as a social studies teacher. Students felt very comfortable getting help from Ta and she provided the perfect sounding board and guide to help them improve their infographics. 
Working with Ta was such a positive experience, it makes me want to come up with another project where I could use her expertise again!"
- Janine S., World Cultures Teacher at Piedmont High School
"... Ta gave a wonderful presentation to my middle school classes today! She was so thorough and instructive in her approach and made the watercolor processes seem accessible to all. I watched the students' faces as Ta worked and talked about what she was doing; they were riveted! We were all inspired by her abilities and lovely teaching manner. Thanks so much."
- Hannah B., Art Teacher at Piedmont Middle School
"... My son has gained so much confidence in speaking German and his artistic expression. Thank you for a lovely class and great instruction, Miss Ta!" - Vicky S., mom of Toby, 4th grade
"Miss Ta's poster design class was awesome!!!!!" - Oliver L., 6th grade

Sculpture, group project

Sculpture, group project